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Let Space Refreshed give you more time.

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Kristen Professional Organizer



Organization creates calm, adds time to your day, saves you money, and allows for beautiful spaces. Think back to your last hectic day. How much time did you spend looking for car keys, paperwork, or your little ones shoes? How about the last foray into the garage to find a tool you needed and you gave up and just went to the store and bought another one. Or worse, gave up and didn’t complete the project? How many expired canned goods do you think are in your pantry? Do you even know what’s in the back of your pantry? Having a well-organized home allows you to focus on the things that really matter. Space Refreshed can help you reach your goals of having more time to enjoy life. Now serving Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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The Process

It can be scary letting go and letting someone else into your safe zone. Have no fear as we work together to create something absolutely beautiful inside your home. To refresh your space we will:

  1. Meet for a consultation as you tell me your area of concern in your space. We’ll chat and get to know each other while I understand what is working for your home, and what isn’t and find your personal style.

  2. After we talk, I will come ready to get to work with all bins, containers, baskets, labels and anything else needed to complete the project in a non-invasive way. I’ll need your help for the next part! Since I can’t determine what you want to keep or discard, we will work together to edit items that either need a new place to be stored in the home, need to be taken to get fixed, donated or discarded.

  3. I will begin putting it all back together in a refreshed, efficiently functioning, organized system. I will complete the project by removing trash, taking your donations to a charity of your choice, and having the area look Refreshed and show ready! Enjoy your new refreshed space!