Calm Amid Life’s Chaos

Let Space Refreshed give you more time.

 Organization creates calm, adds time to your day, saves you money, and allows for beautiful spaces. Think back to your last hectic day. How much time did you spend looking for car keys, paperwork, or your little ones shoes? How about the last foray into the garage to find a tool you needed and you gave up and just went to the store and bought another one. Or worse, gave up and didn’t complete the project? How many expired canned goods do you think are in your pantry? Do you even know what’s in the back of your pantry? Having a well organized home allows you to focus on the things that really matters. Space Refreshed can help you reach your goals of having more time to enjoy life.


Meet Kristen

Professional Home Organizer

Kristen has been organizing for others since she was a young teenager. She found her knack for organizing while babysitting! After the kids would go to bed, she would organize the toys and soon she was not only babysitting but getting jobs cleaning and organizing for the whole neighborhood. Not knowing you could make a career out of organizing, Kristen earned a degree in Elementary Education and taught fourth grade. Even then she found herself helping colleagues get organized. It is a passion of hers to help others have beautiful, functional spaces that allow them to be productive and happy. Let Kristen help you find calm in life glorious chaos.